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i've got a funny little feeling...

my arms are shaking like a lighning rod.

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name: sarah.

age: forteeeenn, July 18th (:

current location: new jersey.


persons: sophia bush. emmy rossum. miley cyrus. reese witherspoon. chad michael murray. zooey deschanel.

films: phantom of the opera. john tucker must die. walk the line. legally blonde. rent. sweet home alabama. ladder 49. passionada.
harry potter.

music: all american rejects. the academy is. aqualung. beyoncé. carrie underwood. dashboard confessioal. fall out boy. goldfinger. goo goo dolls. green day. idina menzel. jet. jimmy eat world. johnny cash. motion city soundtrack. natasha bedingfield. panic! at the disco. plain white t's. the starting line. taking back sunday. teddy geiger. tyler hilton.
u2. the used.

tele: one tree hill. the oc. friends. scrubs.

looking for my graphics? ->> _whimsicalicons

recognize me? formally known as ->> paris_pinkxo

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oh my! my journal is FRIENDS ONLY add me & then comment. kaythanksbyee.